AZ Industrial PropertiesAfter many years with a serviceable website, we’ve taken the plunge and are pleased to introduce a more contemporary website that will reinforce all that we have to offer at AZ Industrial Properties. Now, visitors to are treated to a deeper and richer content platform appointed with valuable commercial property information and images that offer a vastly improved view of all the active properties in our portfolio.

Not only does it look good, it’s practical, too. If you’re looking for a particular property can search the properties by important “filtering” characteristics such as size and location. You’ll also find building image galleries as well. In time, we’ll also add property videos to provide an even better look at the size and characteristics of our property portfolio.

We hope you’ll agree that these improvements are appealing and more useful as we work to serve our tenants, brokers and vendors. Frankly, anyone who clicks over to will be able to interact with us on desktop computers, tablets or Smartphones. Please let us know what you think.