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We Help You Succeed

We began construction on our first industrial property in Phoenix in 1958, just four years following our start in California. During this time period we have developed more than two million square feet and acquired other properties along the way. We have seen many changes since our inception and are enthusiastic for what the future brings. Throughout it all, we have stayed true to what we know: Quality industrial buildings, taken care of with pride.

With the same original family ownership and management still in place (2nd & 3rd gen) this allows us to move quickly in all areas. With prompt responses to inquiries, straightforward negotiations, quick decision making, and rapid solutions to property management we continue to set the bar high.

Creative Work Spaces to Suit Your Business

Privately held, family owned and operated, Arizona Industrial Properties is committed to a “build-and-hold” philosophy, which works hand-in-hand with our long-term commitment to facility maintenance and tenant services.

Our response times are minimal, bureaucratic red tape is non-existent and all of our light industrial properties are located in prime industrial areas with convenient access to major business centers, multiple freeways, rail and airport hubs.



· Simple Gross Leases and No CAM charges
· Quick turn-around lease processing
· Hands-on, rapid-response maintenance
· Space expansion/trade-ups available during lease



· Honest, straightforward communications
· Rapid commission payments
· Quick response times to client or broker inquiries
· Streamlined lease processing that saves you time   and money